Ov Noctilucent Valleys

Loren Chasse is a San Francisco native and alumnus of several outfits that together form the beautifully prolific Jewelled Antler Collective. Ov, comprised of Chasse and partner Christine Boepple, create warm night time soundscapes that are apt fodder for the creatively somnambulant. Languid, textured drone billows freely throughout the ten tracks that make up Noctilucent Valleys, Ov’s second release. A non-threatening clamour peeks through yet never overtakes the organic, free-flowing nature of the music. String instruments chime in, as does the odd bell, and references to other Jewelled Antler projects are scattered throughout. The duo set up a unique dichotomy: an otherworldliness that is deeply rooted in nature. Tracks like opener "Arms of the Mountain” and the melodically minimal "Centaur in Saturn” demonstrate their ability to spin abstract tales that are compelling in their beauty. Ov represent a refreshing shift in psychedelic modes, continuing the tradition of the Jewelled Antler Collective by constantly unearthing new territory in the landscape of modern music. (Soft Abuse) (Soft Abuse)