Outbred Inlaws Just One Shot

The oddity of seeing Outbred Inlaws ― one of Toronto, ON's most enthusiastic, relentless and primal outfits ― performing decidedly un-Torontonian cow punk is never lost on this power trio. Yet that's exactly what makes them so endearing on many levels. Not only are they bold enough to perform that which most Hogtown scenesters fear, yet secretly love, but they do it with unequalled gusto, swagger and prowess, as evidenced on latest effort Just One Shot. Kicking in with twangy opener "Intro II" and hammering through the romp'n'stomp-meets-uncomplicated three-chord grit of "Outlaw," "Be A Sin" and the epic "20 Years Younger," the album is a haven of Huevos Rancheros-ish slink welded to barbaric rhythms chugging under vocalist Glenn Brody's guttural grunt, which D.O.A.'s Joey Shithead surely admires as much as he fears. Fun, upbeat and raucous, Just One Shot ensures that even if they're few and far between, some Big Smoke punks know how to enjoy their sonic carousing. (Independent)