Outbreak Outbreak

When a band can blast out a full album of super-ravenous hardcore in less time than it takes to evacuate your bowels, there's something incredible going on. Taking a strong page from old school heroes Cryptic Slaughter, these maniacs boast pre-thrash metal riffing coupled with ample chant-alongs, lots of rumbling choruses offset by hammering fills and ludicrous tempos propelled by a vocalist trying to vomit out his throat. In the case of this self-titled affair, the result is a blast of uncontrolled violence that is incredibly condoned and recommended. Easily fitting between the tiny gaps of difference in New York scenesters Agnostic Front, Canucks Comeback Kid, Floridians New Mexican Disaster Squad and New England's Bane, this is one epidemic we should be pleased to encounter. (Think Fast)