Out of Your Mouth Draghdad

You might have heard these guys on the radio. They’re Canadian. This album’s their first. And they’ve recently covered Madonna’s "Music.” They’ve done so in fact with a lot of promise. It’s a good song and represents the group as having many things going for them — a tight sound being just one. But the truth is a decent cover does not make a decent album. Draghdad is not even close to the quality of production shown in "Music.” This disc is immature in sound, concept, lyrics and pretty much every other way possible. "Blah blah blah” is the best example — whiney, annoying, and hopelessly smacking of effort. Likewise, "Wank" tries to evoke shock, but just grates on the nerves. Shocking would be great. These guys just say "fuck” a lot in an annoying rock star way. It’s not that they lack talent. Out of Your Mouth do deserve a record contract. However, if you’re going to take yourselves this seriously then at least do so with the intent of making serious music. Instead, their jokes are overshadowed by attitude. Out of Your Mouth have packaged themselves as an aggressive dark metal band. They’re not. The only question left for Out of Your Mouth is whether they’ll be cunning enough to avoid one-hit-wonder-ness. And it’s not even their hit! (BMG)