Osunlade The Yoruba Soul Mixes

Deeply spiritual and soulful, The Yoruba Soul Mixes is a long overdue collection of remixes by New York based producer Osunlade. Blending soul, Afrobeat, disco, hip-hop, salsa, and jazz with broken beat and house, Osunlade creates a rich tapestry of sharp organic and electronic beats, beautiful vocals and soulful melodies. Reworking tracks by artists such as Spacek, John Beltran, Roy Ayers, Salif Keita and Césaria Évora, The Yoruba Soul Mixes is a sexy collection of worldwide rhythms created by one of electronica’s most artistically balanced producers. As a priest of Ifa, a Yoruban religion based in the tribes of Africa, Osunlade not only brings his skill as a producer to his music but also a touch of deep spirituality that adds an extra layer of soul to the mix. Equal parts spiritual, funky, soulful and talented, Osunlade has established himself as a respectable and honest artist that can easily combine dance floor attitudes with soulful grooves to create a strong record that can cross over into any crowd. (BBE)