Oscar B.

La Mort Aux Trousses

BY Brad SchmalePublished Aug 18, 2009

It's albums like these that make me wish I had paid more attention in French class in high school. Oscar B. hail from Quebec and sing primarily en Français over a devilish rockabilly beat. Comparable to acts such as the Nekromantix, Mad Sin and Francophone allies the Gutter Demons, Osker B. play dark and sinister psychobilly. "Gin and Cigarettes" opens the album with a menacing surf-style guitar riff, only to be followed by an explosion of slapping bass and trotting drums that sounds almost as sinful as the song title suggests. "Let's Go Out and Kill Tonight," the only song on this release where the chorus is sung in English, is unmistakably a nod to the Kings of Macabre, the Misfits, and "Le Bal Des Morts" features some red-hot guitar licks reminiscent of Brian Setzer. Although it doesn't stray far from the norm, La Mort Aux Trousses is still a decent effort that mixes elements of punk and country into the ominous subgenre we know as psychobilly.

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