Orquesta Aragon La Charanga Eterna

Put your feet up, fix a Cuba Libra and let Orquesta Aragon take you to a place of sun, sand, dancing and celebration. At first lead by Fafeal Lay Apezteguia and now by his son Rafael Lay Bravo, this Orquesta has been dazzling audiences for 60 years, especially popular in Africa by reversing the slave trade routes from Cuba as a revolutionary musical study through their glorious, life-affirming music. The style is Charanga and drawn from the repertoire of the late '50s and early '70s that features the innovative fusion of cha flamenco, samba cha and swing cha seasoned with son and guaracha. This is about love and life and dancing, but could not exist without its place as the music of people struggling to be free of oppression and exploitation. (Lusafrica)