oOoOO Follows Up Lindsay Lohan Cover with Debut EP

oOoOO Follows Up Lindsay Lohan Cover with Debut EP
Last week, we heard the San Francisco-based oOoOO (pronounced "oh") revamp Lindsay Lohan's "I Live for the Day" with their ghostly witch house sound on Tri Angle Records' Let Me Shine For You, a tribute/celebration/joke album to the recently jailed starlet. Now, oOoOO, who off-stage is known as Christopher Dexter Greenspan, has announced the release of a self-titled debut EP.

On September 27, oOoOO will release the record on both twelve-inch and digitally via Tri Angle, marking only the label's second release. According to the press release, "oOoOO heralds a new era of shrouded pop music, approaching territories untravelled with an inimitable melodic touch."

And while there is currently no teaser track from the EP, you can download the entire Let Me Shine for You release here in our Click Hear department.

Check out the tracklist for the upcoming oOoOO EP below and the cover art above.


1. "Mumbai"
2. "Burnout Eyess"
3. "Sedsumting"
4. "Hearts"
5. "Pains Is Hot"
6. "Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)"