Onwards To Olympas The War Within Us

Onwards to Olympas cater to chosen subgenres, incorporating styles that have already proven successful. The uninventive chugga-chugga mosh-breaks are here, the melodic NWOAHM comes with the package and, of course, the now obligatory "sensitive" clean vocals (which they do well, mind you) break up many moments of aggression, appealing to a broader demography. That said, Onward To Olympas clearly have a lot to offer and this album demonstrates that they can write memorable songs. When they succumb to their inner metalhead or go all-out in the clean, touchy department, good things happen. The album becomes much more focused and impressive in its later half. "Unsuitable Patters" sounds like Despised Icon covering early Stretch Armstrong and the dramatic crescendo in "The March" might a sound tad cheesy, but its powerful hooks will nullify any such qualms. And when they get over the ill-advised deathcore beginning of "Accuser," glorious and immense metal soars until the song's end. Although Onwards to Olympas have yet to solidify their identity, if you can stomach the praising of their lord Jesus, The War Within Us is deserving of a listen. (Facedown)