Only Crime "Life Was Fair" (video)

Only Crime 'Life Was Fair' (video)
Now that Only Crime are back with their first LP in over seven years, Pursuance, the gang of punk and hardcore vets are weighing in on undying brotherhood with the video for first single "Life Was Fair."

You may recognize the visuals and music from being teased in a trailer for the LP earlier this month, but this time we get the full-meal deal. The track finds chunky barre chords and Bill Stevenson's powerfully pumped-out beats supporting Russ Rankin's signature wistful and scratchy cries.

The video, meanwhile, starts with a glass-smashing ritual between a pair of friends, whom we later see skating the streets and sipping beers together. One pal's dip into the world of hard drugs threatens to splinter the friendship, but a near-death experience brings the two closer by song's end.

You can watch the cautionary tale, which is interspersed with shots of Only Crime playing the melodic hardcore cut, play out down below.

Pursuance, the band's first LP for Rise Records, drops May 13.