One Second Bridge One Second Bridge

Having bonded over similar musical tastes in a record shop, Mexico City’s Vicente Garcia Lonada and Buenos Aires’ Matias Bieniaszewski set out to pay tribute to their influences and explore their own fresh ideas in the process. The first notable aspect is how ripe the recording sounds; crisp, colourful and glistening like a brief hike through a rainforest. Early ’90s shoegazer touchstones such as Pale Saints, Lush and Slowdive turn up in the duo’s haze-blurred guitar lines and hushed vocals; but the pulse of current glitch electronics and acoustic instruments keep the atmosphere from floating off into the past completely. Melodic tinges creep into the ambient pieces, knitting them to the songs where they might otherwise etherify. For their part the songs eschew verse/chorus forms to also blend into the curved path of the album. The extra-musical sounds, such as the sampled voices on "No. 2” and the bottle and tin-pan torrent on "1000 Lights” are details one wishes touched more of the pieces on the album. The strength of One Second Bridge lies in their arms-length distance from post-rock, ambient electronics and experimental acoustics. Employing elements of all three they manage a magisterial and slightly open-ended debut. (City Centre Offices)