One King Down Gravity Wins Again

One King Down have returned with a new EP that features the return of screamer Rob Fusco (he of the Bloodlust Revenge line-up), three new songs and the out-of-print Absolve EP. The new tracks demonstrate a stronger groove-oriented approach, which although still shrouded in the glory of all things mid-tempo, is catchier and just as heavy as previous OKD fare. However, "Hasp," "Gravity Wins Again" and "Poison What You Give," the new songs, venture a little too close to current Snapcase territory and sacrifice identity for hooks. The Absolve EP, however, is a glimpse at OKD's past and is far more mosh-metal oriented and plodding than the newer material on Gravity... While not terrible, the tracks come across as dated and inferior to the newer OKD material, definitely for completists and long-time fans only. What Gravity Wins Again does accomplish, however, is to show a vision of OKD's past and possible future, one that seems bright if they can interject just a little more of their own identity into their future endeavours. (Equal Vision)