Okkervil River "Mermaid"

Okkervil River 'Mermaid'
We're still a ways off from the release of Okkervil River's upcoming album I Am Very Far, which will be released in May, but fans of the often folky rockers can take solace in the group's new twelve-inch single, which was came out today (February 8).

A-side "Mermaid" is an epic tale of snagging a fish lady. At first, singer Will Sheff is repelled by the site of the creature flicking its scaly tail but is soon sucked into her odd beauty. "She's pretty, i think," he croons of the mermaid's ink-black hair and milk-white tummy.

Though the tune starts off with a gentle tickling of the ivories, by song's end "Mermaid" blows up into a romantic cavalcade of swept strings, ringing mandolins and cannonball-style drum explosions. It's a powerful testament to the weird and wonderful love between a man and a half-woman. Check out the tune below.

Okkervil River - Mermaid by trialsandtribulations