OK Go "Last Leaf" (video)

OK Go 'Last Leaf' (video)
Proving that they're much more than a bunch of guys with some basic choreography skills and a couple of pop hooks, OK Go take us on a much more sentimental journey on early morning mope fest "Last Leaf." The sad-bastard acoustic number is the kind of contemplative tune you'd pair up with a cup of English breakfast tea, and fittingly uses another morning meal staple, toast, as the canvas for the clip's stop-motion animation motif.

Really though, this was a tough watch. On the one hand, it's incredible to check out the etched drawings coming to life on a bronzed slice of Wonderbread, but it gets a little sad once a collection of people, wolves and baby carriages launch themselves off the side of a cliff to plunge to their deaths.

Thanks to OK Go, we're crunching into our morning sandwiches with tears in our eyes.

Last Leaf

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