Ohbijou "Anser"

Ohbijou 'Anser'
As dreamy Toronto pop outfit Ohbijou get set to take their upcoming Metal Meets on a Canadian tour, the band have shared a new album track, "Anser."

As the press release tells us, "This album is inspired by ventures to cabins in the woods, travels across Asia, Europe and North America (headlining international tours), and lyrical reflections on familial bloodlines that move across borders."

That may be true, but as "Anser" proves, the Ohbijou are also displaying a newfound confidence, letting this sprawling, high-reaching epic stretch out and breathe naturally before it comes to its sombre end.

Metal Meets comes out on September 27 via Last Gang Records. You can view Ohbijou's upcoming tour dates here.

Ohbijou - Anser by Exclaim!