Oh Susanna Details Star-studded 'Namedropper,' Opens Up About Breast Cancer Treatment

Oh Susanna Details Star-studded 'Namedropper,' Opens Up About Breast Cancer Treatment
It's been nearly two years since Suzie Ungerleider began raising funds for Oh Susanna's next record, Namedropper, which was to feature brand new songs written by various Canadian artists. Now, the album has finally been announced, with the due date set for October 7 through Sonic Unyon Records/Sony.

None of these 14 songs was written by Ungerleider. Rather, they were penned especially for this project by contributors like Joel Plaskett, Ron Sexsmith, Jim Cuddy, Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland, Jim Bryson, Royal Wood, Old Man Luedecke, Amelia Curran, the Good Lovelies and more.

Ungerleider began the project in 2012 and she was nearly done by the spring of 2013, but it was delayed for an extremely serious reason: the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she spent the next year getting treated and recovering.

Bryson produced the record. Ungerleider initially suggested a covers record, but Bryson upped the ante by suggesting they commission original songs.

See the tracklist below; the composer for each song is listed in parentheses. Scroll past that to stream the McClelland-penned "Mozart for the Cat," which juxtaposes a low-key pop-rock groove with powerfully belted vocals.


1. Oregon (Jim Bryson)
2. Into My Arms (Joel Plaskett)
3. Goodnight (Royal Wood)
4. Cottonseed (Keri Latimer)
5. Wait Until the Sun Comes Up (Ron Sexsmith)
6. Mozart for the Cat (Melissa McClelland)
7. Provincial Parks (Old Man Luedecke)
8. Letterbomb (Luke Doucet)
9. Loved You More (Amelia Curran)
10. 1955 (Jay Harris)
11. Savings And Loan (Rueben deGroot)
12. This Guy (The Good Lovelies)
13. Dying Light (Jim Cuddy)
14. I Love The Way She Dresses (Ron Sexsmith / Angaleena Presley)