Oh Susanna "My Boyfriend" (video)

Oh Susanna 'My Boyfriend' (video)
Oh Susanna (a.k.a. Suzie Ungerleider) shared the details behind a forthcoming LP only a few weeks ago, and before A Girl in Teen City arrives, she's shared a new video for album cut "My Boyfriend."

In a press release, Ungerleider reveals that the song is "about the time in Grade 10 when my gorgeous boyfriend tried out for a band but failed miserably because he was tone-deaf."

"It is seen from the eyes of a teenage girl who bemusedly watches the posturing of the young men around her," she continued. "Meanwhile she secretly knows she could kick their asses if she just had the guts to sing in front of them. The song makes fun but also talks about how girls can be pushed to the side, or perhaps push themselves to the side, because of lack of confidence. Luckily, I found my courage to sing a few years later. I got my friend Paul Brennan to drum on the song because he himself is one of the characters in the story. He kept messing up the take because he kept giggling."

A Girl in Teen City arrives May 26 through Stella Records. Watch the video for "My Boyfriend" in the player below.