Offsides Foul Language

Foul Language has been a long time coming for Montreal’s Offsides, and while their heart and hard work may be in the right place, their album mostly falls flat. The raps, while inspiring and sincere in their content, sound dulled, and many of the beats simply don’t work. Still, there are some promising tracks in the mix, with "2Def,” "Put It On Paper,” and the hot "Off The Meter,” making up for much of the rest. Offsides showcase equal parts cleverness and high school humour with a three-track bit on call display and phone stalkers, and "Hennessy” is a hilarious corruption of Arrested Development’s "Tennessee.” Aside from those gems, weird beats, overworked anthems and an unhealthy preoccupation with the underground, makes this a mostly unexceptional effort. (Urbnet)