Of Montreal Rejoin Jon Brion for New Album

Of Montreal Rejoin Jon Brion for New Album
In January of this year, producer/composer Jon Brion leant his talents to Of Montreal for An Eluardian Instance AKA the Jon Brion EP. The disc featured Brion's reinterpretations of two songs from full-length Skeletal Lamping, "An Eluardian Instance" and "Gallery Piece," both of which were remixed and overlayed with additional instrumentation.

Well, according to a post on Of Montreal's Twitter [via The Tripwire], the band are planning to work with Brion once again, this time on their upcoming full-length album.

The exact nature of the collaboration is unclear, but the post said, "Just had a rad meeting with Sir Jon Brion. Looks like we're gonna work together on the new album! Dreams do come true."

This has caused some to speculate that Brion will act as producer, but it's also possible he will be composing instrumental parts for already-completed songs (as he did on The Jon Brion EP), or perhaps head Of Montrealer Kevin Barnes is referring to Blikk Fang, his side-project with Brion and MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden.

Whatever the case may be, details about the upcoming Of Montreal album are scarce. All we really have to go on is that in August Barnes told Under the Radar that it was tentatively titled False Priest. (Interestingly, "false priest" is a lyric from the band's 2007 song "Faberge Falls for Shuggie," the same song that the title Skeletal Lamping was taken from.)

Barnes said, "We're kind of making this psychedelic, no wave, funk album," a description that sounds a heck of a lot like the group's last two LPs. At the time, the album was scheduled for a spring release; now that Brion is on board to shake up the group's usual formula, however, all bets are off.