Odonis Odonis

No Pop

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Oct 16, 2017

On their first three LPs, Odonis Odonis gave fans three distinct varieties of their scuzzed-out, icy noise rock, highlighted by last year's excellent Post Plague. But with the release of No Pop, the now three-piece have moved their sound laterally rather than forward.
Odonis Odonis retain the sonic sensibilities of 2014's Hard Boiled Soft Boiled and the tactile industrial sounds of the aforementioned Post Plague, but they've eliminated guitars wholesale, building nine low-end tracks from swampy synth sounds and reverb-drenched drum machines. The resulting 36 minutes of music somehow include impossibly catchy melodies, found on the affecting dead-inside chant of "One" and the whispery "By the Second," while the programming gives the group a new and exciting element, captured on the rolling "Eraser" and the noise-bleeding "Vision."
Much of the Toronto band's fourth LP runs at the same low-end frequency, removing much of the album's dynamics and range in return for mood and imagery, but nonetheless, fans of detached, gritty indie-electro à la Liars and No Age will find much to love here.
(Telephone Explosion)

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