Odd Future Producing Pilot for Cartoon Network

Odd Future Producing Pilot for Cartoon Network
Hyped weirdo hip-hop outfit Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have been on people's radar for a while now, but it seems as if the last month or so has seen the crew's stock grow exponentially. From that wild-ass, zombie-laden performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to both Tyler, the Creator and MellowHype inking record deals, the L.A. group have been on the tips of everybody's tongues. The troupe seem to be broadening their portfolios beyond the world of rap, however, with the announcement that they're about to produce a television show.

An interview with Billboard explains that the group have been in talks with the Cartoon Network to produce their own show.

"In the pre-buzz days, the Odd Future crew would post homemade comedy skits on their Tumblr and mention dreams of one day turning them into a show for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming," writer Andrew Nosnitsky discovered when interviewing the group. "Now they're producing a pilot for the network, which management describes as a mixture of Jackass and Chappelle's Show."

The comedy angle to Odd Future shouldn't come as much of a surprise to their devoted. A couple of weeks back the gang premiered a comedy sketch on Funny or Die that played up their wild media image. In it, the band wrecks a record label exec's office and talk some insane shit about Selena Gomez's mouth before coming down hard on a dude for not using a coaster. To play up the Jackass antics, it looks as if leader Tyler, the Creator bailed pretty hard falling off his skateboard and into some office furniture.

No word on what the show will be called or when it will premiere, but chances are it won't be called The Odd Future Kidz, nor will it feature a dragon named Chauncey. Uh, check out the vid below to see what we mean. Either way, considering their track record, the show promises to be, well, odd.