October Tide

Tunnel of No Light

BY Max DeneauPublished Apr 16, 2013

For a group no one ever saw as a candidate for a show-stopping reunion, the resurrected October Tide have transitioned rather confidently into an active project for ex-Katatonia guitarist Fredrik Normann, who's now joined by brother and former bandmate Mattias, in another surprising line-up change. As with their previous offering, founding member Jonas Renske is nowhere to be seen, and the band have essentially become the vehicle for the two recently departed Katatonia alumni to run into the ground an updated take on the Brave Murder Day-era, doom-y minimalism their previous act have long since abandoned, free of the pressures of full-time touring or the pretence of stylistic evolution. While 2010's A Thin Shell's existence was unexpected and welcome enough to earn the band a fair amount of accolades, there is an air of familiarity to this release that's difficult to shake. Those that salivate over groups like Daylight Dies, Novembre and Rapture will no doubt find it satisfactory, but the songs rarely hit that sweet, teary-eyed spot their previous output did. This doesn't necessary render the album inadequate, and it's not as though the style is overwhelmed with second-tier acts to pick and choose from, so appreciation for its sound will be more than enough to warrant a purchase for some. Just don't expect Rain Without End and don't be shocked when you find your mind wandering from time to time while Tunnel of No Light plays.

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