Obliterations "Scapegoat" (video)

Obliterations 'Scapegoat' (video)
Ever feel like we're all just drudging along as willing and mindless lab rats in society's never-ending maze? Or that, deep down, we're actually terrible, irredeemable beasts? Well, Obliterations new, stock footage-scouring video for Poison Everything rage-out "Scapegoat" may well back up your point.

As you'll see down below, director Ian McCullough's vid presents warped and distorted visuals of vintage learning films, including behavioural studies on white mice and a wholesome-looking family. Note, however, how the humans turn their back on clean-cut values in favour of every man-for-himself survival skills once a stack of dollar bills are dumped into a room.

This is all set to the sounds of Obliterations ticking time bomb of old school hardcore sounds. You'll find the blend of unsettling images and corrupted sounds down below, courtesy of Cvlt Nation.