Obituary "Visions in My Head"

Obituary 'Visions in My Head'
Earlier this month, Florida death metal trailblazers Obituary issued a trailer for their upcoming Inked in Blood LP featuring meat-rending mini clips from the album. Now, the group have premiered a gruesome track in full, "Visions in My Head."

The track pumps out a straight-forward but no less devastating melange of gouging guitar work and double-kick drums. John Tardy, meanwhile, delivers a series of phantasmagoric grunts, death rattles and tough-guy shouts about "seeing the undead." The track gets extra crunchy in a slowed-down midsection big on bashed-out mosh beats, menacing melodies and dive-bombing leads.

You can give the single a stream down below, while Relapse issues Inked in Blood on October 28.

As previously reported, the band will also be heading out on tour later this fall with the reconfigured Death. You'll find the details behind the North American trek over here.