Obey the Brave "Live and Learn" (video)

Obey the Brave 'Live and Learn' (video)
Montreal/Ottawa thug-core troupe Obey the Brave have nabbed themselves a little mascot in the form of a stout pitbull, and damned if the rest of the canine community aren't jealous of the decision. We'd swear that the seriously snarly German shepherd you see gated-up in the new video for Young Blood track "Live and Learn" was seeing green as the hardcore crew and their four-legged buddy roll by.

As for the cut, it mines many styles with street-tough NYHC breakdowns, speedy melodic punk breaks, and thrash picking underscoring Alex Erian's gruffly spit, betrayal-laced tale of friendship gone wrong. You can peep the band stomping out the tune with aplomb from the top of a parking garage down below.

As previously reported, Young Blood drops August 28 through Distort/Epitaph, and the band will take off on an East Coast tour this fall.