The Numero Group Continue Celebrating Syl Johnson with 'The Complete Twinight Singles' Compilation

The Numero Group Continue Celebrating Syl Johnson with 'The Complete Twinight Singles' Compilation
The Numero Group are revisiting the career of veteran R&B singer Syl Johnson for a new release, specifically highlighting his time spent recording for Chicago's Twinight Records. Appropriately dubbed The Complete Twinight Singles, the collection arrives as a double LP on August 8.

Press material explains that the compilation gathers 29 tracks Johnson recorded for the since-shuttered Twinight imprint between its formation in 1967, as Twilight Records, and its folding in 1972. Hits include "Come On Sock It To Me" and "Different Strokes." Songs from The Complete Twinight Singles had also been reissued through Numero on the six LP Complete Mythology box set from 2010, and a repress of Johnson's 1969 LP, Dresses Too Short.

In addition to his hefty output as a solo artist, Johnson has been sampled by a number of hip-hop artists over the years. Acts to dabble in the sounds of Syl include the Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac, and Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne project.

"There are many great soul singers, but few has [sic] inspired hip hop from its early beginning to now," Wu-Tang member RZA said in a statement. "Syl Johnson is a unsung pioneer of musical fusion."

As previously reported, Jay-Z and West settled a dispute over an uncredited use Johnson's "Different Strokes" in their Watch the Throne bonus track "The Joy" back in 2012. The terms of the settlement were not made public.

You'll find the full tracklisting for The Complete Twinight Singles down below.

The Complete Twinight Singles:
1. Come On Sock It To Me
2. Try Me (1967)
3. Different Strokes
4. Sorry 'Bout Dat!
5. Ode To Soul Man
6. I'll Take Those Skinny Legs
7. I Feel An Urge
8. Try Me (1968)
9. Send Me Some Lovin'
10. I Resign
11. Dresses Too Short
12. I Can Take Care of Business
13. Take Me Back
14. I Can Take Care Of Homework
15. Don't Give It Away
16. Going to the Shack
17. Is It Because I'm Black
18. Let Them Hang High
19. Concrete Reservation
20. Together Forever
21. One Way Ticket to Nowhere
22. Kiss By Kiss
23. Thank You Baby
24. We Do It Together
25. Get Ready
26. Same Kind of Thing
27. Annie Got Hot Pants Power
28. Everybody Needs Love
29. That's Why