Nudge Prep Sophomore Kranky Full-Length As Good As Gone

Nudge Prep Sophomore Kranky Full-Length <i>As Good As Gone</i>
The dying days of summer are upon us, but that's no reason to wind down the eclectic side of our musical tastes, as experimental electronic rock outfit Nudge get ready to infiltrate our eardrums with their sophomore Kranky LP, As Good As Gone.

Attempting to blur the lines between live and programmed musical stylings, the collaborative efforts of Nudge are the brainchild of Los Angeles-based musician Brian Foote. Joined by fellow Kranky artists Paul Dickow (Strategy) and Honey Owens (Valet), As Good As Gone follows up the group's 2005 debut, Cached.

However, unlike the schizophrenic sounds of Nudge's previous effort, the press release promises the band have spun a better cohesion between all the parts, layering synths, guitars and vocals over pop song frameworks and anchoring them to dub-inspired bass lines. Or to simply cut and paste, "Covered in an electric blanket of atmosphere that can surely only come from years in outer space memorizing the top of one's shoes, the gothic trappings reveal themselves as hard-earned circles beneath the eyes, as opposed to poorly applied Hot Topic nail polish," says the release.

While Foote isn't performing as Nudge, he's racking up mix/production credits with Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza and Signaldrift, and he tours as part of Valet and Atlas Sound Music Group, showing that even with four years between albums, the man has hardly been sitting idle.

You can find As Good As Gone in stores September 7, with this tracklisting:

1. "Harmo"
2. "Two Hands"
3. "Verdantique"
4. "Aurolac"
5. "Tito"
6. "Burns Blue"
7. "Dawn Comes Light"