Notes to Self "Mr. Polite" (remix ft. Fashawn) (video)

Notes to Self 'Mr. Polite' (remix ft. Fashawn) (video)
Yesterday (February 26) marked the release of Toronto hip-hop crew Notes to Self's new LP Target Market [Recoil], and the unit are now repping the set with a new video for their "Mr. Polite."

The video finds a cool and confident Fashawn enjoying back massages from a roomful of ladies as he half-sings a hook about being "all gentleman-like," but the NTS dudes seem a bit more wrapped up in thought as they weigh the pros and cons of the girls of their dreams. The vid then goes back and forth between pensive shots of the MCs and fantasy sequences with some ladies.

You can check it out below.

Also, you can stream the entire album here on