A Northern Chorus Bitter Hands Resign

With their delicate instrumentation and ample number of musicians, the earlier songs found on the attention-grabbing Spirit Flags, were strong, but there was the feeling they were still finding their way and inspiration. That should all delightfully change with Bitter Hands Resign, as the songs here showcase an energised and confident band, seemingly at the top of their heart-melting best. The glorious noise of "Subject & Matter” sets the stage, as it rollicks back and forth between sweet floating vocals, cello, strong, fuzzy, bursts of ringing guitar and crashing cymbals, which makes for a breathtaking manifesto. This back and forth is prominent on most of the album, but it never tires as each song tweaks it just enough to hypnotise repeatedly. Particularly uplifting and strong is "Costa Del Sol,” with its breathy harmonies and perfect haze of guitars never overpowering the delicate strings. Patience is required, as most tracks easily surpass the five-minute mark, but never has a band better personified the saying, "Good things come to those who wait." Bitter Hands Resign won’t just put A Northern Chorus on the map; it’ll help them take over the world one dream at a time. (Sonic Unyon)