A Northern Chorus Call It A Day

A Northern Chorus Call It A Day
Hard working Hamiltonian orchestral folk rock ensemble A Northern Chorus have called it a day. With four successful albums to their credit, the band have long been a mainstay on Canadian campus radio, riding waves of critical praise to prominence as a vital group in Canada's emerging art rock scene well before everyone and their grandma started swooning over Montreal's musical exports.

The following statement was released Tuesday on behalf of the band by their career-long label, Sonic Unyon:

Wayward Luminaries, after eight years of hard work, four albums, several hundred concerts and enough tour kilometres to circle the earth four times we have decided to put A NORTHERN CHORUS to rest. I don't think it is really possible to sum up what this band has meant to us. It has been such an ingrained part of our lives. The only way to come close would be to list everyone that has supported us along the way. That would definitely bring back a flood of memories BUT it would also take several pages, so... you know who you are. While it is not feasible to head out on a "farewell tour" of sorts, a huge thanks go out to all of the ANC fans across the globe.

Instead of that infeasible farewell tour, the six-members of A Northern Chorus - Stu Livingstone (guitar/vocals), Pete Hall(guitar/vocals), Owen Davies (bass), Alex McMaster (cello/vocals), Craig Halliday (drums), and Erin Aurich (violin) - will convene for two final performances in Southern Ontario:

6/27 Toronto ON, The Horseshoe Tavern w/ Electroluminsecent, Bellewoods, Dan Griffin and the Regrets

6/28 Hamilton ON, The Casbah w/ Electroluminescent, Tusks