A Northern Chorus Before We All Go To Pieces

Perfect late night highway driving music, this is intoxicatingly beautiful, intricate and charming. The layered chorus of loose voices surround the other instruments, which reflectively contain the density of Sianspheric, the rural quality of modern day Mercury Rev and the violin waltz patterns of Rex while their poetic verse is worthy of publication. One of the band's major assets is the integration of former Gorp and Golden Lake Diner bassist and songwriter Mark Raymond, whom along with Stu Livingstone and Pete Hall creates professional arrangements that speak of the golden touch that the late famed composer/arranger Jack Nietzsche had classically spun. It is as if they have created a balanced musical epic that expresses the changing of the seasons - the impression their music makes is that of constant revolving without getting dizzy, because there's too much euphoria going on to even notice. (Independent)