The North Sea Bloodlines

Brad Rose is one of the global sub-underground's most prolific and multifaceted personalities. Curator of the Digitalis record label conglomerate and creator of the Foxy Digitalis web zine, Rose has been involved with countless releases by a plethora of the world's overlooked and underappreciated sound artists. As a musician, Rose has found his output featured on what must be over 100 CDs, cassettes and LPs, whether in collaboration with like-minded sonic explorers or on his own as the North Sea. Bloodlines is the North Sea's second solo album for Type, marking a new direction in Rose's oeuvre. Gone are the dark, guitar-based folk songs found on earlier albums and presented is a series of decayed, synthesizer-based sonic excursions. A more melodic take on synth music than his Ajilvsga project, Bloodlines finds Brad Rose slowly making his way towards the gates of Hell. (Type)