North of America This Is Dance Floor Numerology

I used to call this music '90s rock, after the glory years for this genre when some of the masters ruled: Hoover, Pecola, Fugazi, the mighty Jesus Lizard. Music characterised by semi-tone movements, waltz times, monotone yelling, angular guitar lines and breathtakingly talented drummers. North Of America is right at home in this territory, determined to continue and further the legacy of the late lamented Shotmaker, by straddling both the church basement circuit and the blasé bar scene. This disc is very well recorded, replete with energetic performances and trade-off shouted vocals. Lyrically strong, with the requisite obtuse poetry coupled with strident political agitation, and despite the title, absolutely impossible to dance to, though you can nod your head in time. This Halifax band carries none of the Celtic baggage of its hometown, yet never deviates from its own formula. Music that will speak strongly to shirtless middle-class white males; no one else will pay much attention. (Progeria)