NonExist Deus Deceptor

From "Entrance" through to the last track, "Divided We Fall," NonExist's guitar-driven debut rumbles, pounds and wails. Deus Deceptor is arranged in a repeating pattern - three intense, high-speed tracks follow each of the three instrumentals. Midway through, the subdued clean sounds of "Ataraxia" lead into "A Halo Askew," a song that brings back the killer opening theme. The album only backs down one more time, for "Nowhere," before death metal kicks in again to assault the eardrums. Featuring Johan Liiva (ex-Arch Enemy) on vocals and Matte Modin on drums (Dark Funeral/Defleshed), NonExist really relies on the guitar work of Andromeda's Johan Reinholdz. Modin's drumming is solid, and Liiva's growls are evil, if a little sloppy for my taste, but Reinholdz's wild solos and powerful riffs are what make this CD worth checking out. (Century Media)