None More Black Icons

The cult of personality surrounding None More Black vocalist and guitarist Jason Shevchuk is a warranted one. After fronting seminal Philly hardcore heroes Kid Dynamite, Shevchuk formed None More Black, a more leftfield take on traditional East coat melodic hardcore. The band folded in 2007, with Shevchuk getting in touch with his inner alt-country dude with LeGrecia, but were back again by 2008, playing shows and writing new material. Icons marks the band's return to recorded music and it represents a collecting of all of Shevchuk's many musical personalities, making it easily the most interesting album of his career. Opener "Mr. Artist" might be his strongest songwriting moment ever, rocking a blues riff for a verse and a staccato punk blast of a chorus. The results aren't always as consistent, but Icons sounds like a legitimate artist realizing there's no need to compartmentalize ideas anymore. This is great; the next one will be even greater. (Fat Wreck)