Non Phixion

Black Helicopters

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Mar 1, 2000

After their last single, "I Shot Reagan," Matador's newest hip-hop signing have plenty to prove. "I Shot Reagan" was an intense political rant that rocked because it mixed the pro-Jewish politics of MCs Ill Bill, Sabac Red and Goretex with Necro's upbeat, but eerie beat. Necro's guest rhymes didn't hurt either. Unfortunately, neither song on their newest single compares all that favourably to "I Shot Reagan." Necro again supplies two nice beats, but it's the B-side, "They Got...," where the music and lyrics get closest to their last single. It might be the up-tempo beat and governmental conspiracy lyrics that make it a more viable comparison, but regardless it is the better of the two songs. There's none of that Necro flavour that he has presented on numerous Non Phixion tracks, his own releases and especially on Missin' Linx's "M.I.A." My advice? Wait for the full-length, which should be dropping this year. Pick this up only if you're fiending.
(Matador Records)

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