NOMO Ghost Rock

Don’t call them Afrobeat anymore. Nomo continue their experiments in rhythm that were so successful on their New Tones breakthrough two years ago. The first notes of the album are delivered by a pitch bent, distorted electronic percussion loop that gives in to a familiar syncopated snare pattern. But the first name that comes to mind isn’t Tony Allen; it’s Jaki Liebezeit. The song develops into queasy electronics, zombified congas and shifting textures where punchy horns used to be. Of course, the horns haven’t gone away, as demonstrated by the more Afro-funky vibe to "My Dear,” but they sound less Fela-inspired than ever. The sonic highlights are the many, many treatments of electric kalimba and the variety of percussion courtesy of guests Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake, master rhythmatists both. If there’s a fault to this album, it’s that there aren’t the same obvious party starters and immediately catchy riffs as New Tones. But track by track, this is a worthy follow up that points the way forward for the band. (Ubiquity)