Noise Annoys CAMPAIGN

Anyone who suspected noise music would rise to the level of popularity (with the kids) and notoriety (with their parents) that metal did in the '80s can start saying "I told you so" after checking out these two intrinsically linked anti-noise websites: and karlheinz/words/conspiracy.htm. At first glance, M.A.D. appears to be perhaps little more than a well-constructed prank (something rival sites, .com and .net investigate), with its account of a shocked mother discovering her youngster's Prurient and Harry Pussy albums, but the essay posted at is alarmingly well-researched, picking on noise for its anti-social, nihilistic and even physically harmful tendencies. All the more reason to check out the pivotal annual event of the noise world: this year's No Fun Fest ( in New York boasts its most killer line-up yet. Maybe M.A.D. will even make an appearance.