Nocturnal Fear Metal Of Honor

Have you ever heard the saying, "friends and politics don't mix"? Michigan's Nocturnal Fear, whose music is described as "a pro-U.S. military metal assault," are one of those bands that if you are a bleeding heart liberal, or even a moderate conservative, for that matter, it's best just to focus on the old-school death thrash fury of Metal of Honor than the lyrics. The complete opposite of left-leaning bands like Dying Fetus, who provide some brutal but poignant arguments, there is something unnerving about these dudes. The duo of Rev. Chris Slavehunter PhD and Aggressor brought on a session vocalist, Doomy G. Blackthrash, for their American take on German metal, à la Kreator, and you know what? Who needs the vocals anyway, because their music is pretty damn good, but it is almost too much unrelenting fury. Metal of Honor consists of ten tracks that are so fast and meaty that it's best to consume the album in three sittings instead of one. (Moribund)