Nobukazu Takemura Sign

Four tracks contains 60 minutes of music, plus a java script-oriented CD-Rom that features an animated piece by Katsura Moshino. The title track, was the highlight of Takemura's full-length, Child's View, with its mind-numbingly intricate programming and rapid yet catchy and playful beats; this track retained the energy of a five year old after a large block of fudge. "Cogwheel" is very much in the same vein as "Sign," though not as melodic, tending to more manic breaks and a zany cartoon character sensibility. "Souvenir in Chicago" is the star piece, clocking in at just over 35 minutes. "Souvenir..." starts off as sonorous post-rock for about 15 minutes, only to give way to a Stereolab-esque drone piece that in turn becomes an electronic noodling piece in the 20-minute realm, which is reminiscent of Mouse on Mars. The closing piece, "Meteor," is an awesome track that has robotic P-Funk vocals with superb IDM breaks and engrossingly playful sounds. Takemura has put out a worthwhile EP, from his accomplished tracks to his choice of packaging. (Thrill Jockey)