NOBRO Prove Themselves as Canadian Punk Icons on 'Sick Hustle'

BY Eva ZhuPublished Apr 15, 2020

NOBRO are the kind of band people picture in their heads when they think about rad women in punk. The Montreal-based punk quartet got their name from how they would turn down offers from dudes who wanted to join their band. Sick Hustle is an in-your-face, no-bullshit EP that features the perfect mix of angry shouting and chilled-out background vocals.

It starts with the punchy "Don't Die," serving as a warning to listeners who are looking for something mellow that this ain't it. "Til I Get It All" kicks off with what sounds like an amped-up version of a 2000s sitcom theme song. It's a fun start to a track packed with gang vocals, cheerleader-like chants, key changes and a banging guitar riff. The EP is filled with enough excellent shredding to sell even the toughest punk snob on this band.

Sick Hustle ends on "Marianna," a charming ode to a friend who moved away. The song, much like its inspiration, ends too soon, but damn is it sung with conviction. The chanted "Oh my Marianna, why'd you have to go so far away?" in the chorus is the sweetest and will put a smile on anyone's face. The multiple key changes, each bumping the chorus up higher, make this song extra special.

NOBRO are currently one of Canada's most incredible punk bands and Sick Hustle proves it.
(Dine Alone)

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