No Trend Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex

Certainly one of the strangest and most eclectic, if not bewildering, bands of the DC hardcore movement of the early 1980s, No Trend did just what their name suggests and bucked the conventions of what was coming out of the Dischord uprising by fusing funked-up horns, cow-punk, bad metal and even lounge-y vibes to blaze a trail that would end up influencing several other DC bands like Beefeater and Senator Flux. This disc finds the band's brightest moment, their third and final album, released in the digital medium for the first time, with an updated mastering treatment that beefs up the tinny-sounding original recordings so nicely that you'd never know this was recorded in 1986. Part of a Touch and Go re-release series that also finds the sole disc by Cargo Cult (featuring Tomahawk/Jesus Lizard fixture Duane Denison) seeing the light of day again. (Touch and Go)