Nitty Scott, MC The Art Of Chill

Nitty Scott, MC The Art Of Chill
Florida-raised, Brooklyn-bred rapper Nitty Scott, MC isn't new to the underground rap scene, but after releasing The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1 EP in 2012, she gained much deserved attention. Fast-forward to 2014 and the recently nominated XXL Freshman has released her debut album, The Art of Chill, which embarks on a path of vulnerability, strength and raw rap.

"Please wipe your feet before you enter my mind" asks Nitty Scott, MC before diving into her album. Over the course of 15 tracks, Nitty takes us on an emotional journey that's not ashamed of its past and not scared of its future. While the title insinuates "chill" in the sense of calm and serenity, Nitty's lyricism inspires goosebumps; her bars are gritty enough to grab your attention and thought-provoking enough to hold it. Prior to the release of The Art of Chill, the self-proclaimed flower child opened up about a shaky childhood, sexual abuse and the trials and tribulations of being a transplant in New York City. Taking from the late Maya Angelou's literary work, Nitty makes reference to finding strength within this vulnerability with "Still I Rise," a very raw and emotional narrative of her past, present and future.

She carries on, telling listeners "why the caged bird sings" on "Gone Girl," and shows a rebellious nature on the Ski Beatz-produced "The Unlearning." Nitty calls on TDE's Ab-Soul to help out as she speaks on her childhood over a smoked-out, jazz-infused instrumental, while Rapper Big Pooh and Sam B assist the female rapper on telling a tale every "Little Sister" needs to hear. It becomes apparent that while Nitty Scott, MC is a fluid rapper, she's also an expert storyteller.

The Art of Chill rejoices in the unruffled production choices, exposed emotions and soft deliveries of Nitty Scott, MC, but it also celebrates the rhythmic hiccups and wavering flows that define unprocessed rap. Nitty Scott, MC is surely a flower child: not necessarily fitting in with the bouquet of flowers, but standing out as the rose that grew from concrete. (Boombox Family Entertainment)