Nite Jewel

"Kiss the Screen" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 16, 2016

If you were wondering what Ramona Gonzalez has been up to when not putting together her new Nite Jewel album, a video for the record's "Kiss the Screen" may give you an idea. Turns out she's been working late shifts at a bakery, serving up sweets to a life-oblivious smartphone scroller.

The vid finds Gonzalez googly-eyed over a pastry-purchasing fella whom she apparently has a thing for. She flubs communicating with the guy during the IRL encounter, as well as an imagined dinner date with where the guy forgets to tuck away his device. Nite Jewel, however, gets to be in control of the situation in another wonderworld where she gets to sing her lines at the guy.

You'll find the tech-questioning music video below.

Nite Jewel's Liquid Cool, her first full-length since 2012's One Second of Love, sees release June 10 through Gonzalez's own Gloriette Records.

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