Nine Inch Nails 'Austin City Limits' (full episode)

Nine Inch Nails 'Austin City Limits' (full episode)
Trent Reznor's beloved Nine Inch Nails were recently the subject of a full episode of PBS's Austin City Limits. The full hour-long program is available to watch now.

The lengthy special includes nine songs from the band. If that's not enough Nine Inch Nails for you, the band's Trent Reznor also sat down with the show to complete an interview.

Check out Nine Inch Nail's full performance and Reznor's interview below.

Austin City Limits setlist:

1. All Time Low
2. Sanctified
3. Came Back Haunted
4. Copy of A
5. The Frail/The Wretched
6. The Big Come Down
7. In This Twilight
8. While I'm Still Here
9. Hurt