Nils Frahm Announces Debut Album from nonkeen Project

Nils Frahm Announces Debut Album from nonkeen Project
Adventurous German pianist Nils Frahm has had an extremely productive 2015, as he has released the album Solo, scored the film Victoria, and issued a Late Night Tales compilation. It looks as if 2016 is shaping up to be another busy one from the German experimentalist, since he has already announced an album with a project called nonkeen.

This lower-case-favouring trio consists of Frahm and longtime friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald. Their debut album is called the gamble, and it will be out on February 5 through R&S Records.

These musicians have been collaborating since childhood; a press release release notes that Frahm and Gmeiner met in elementary school and began creating radio shows using toy tape recorders. They met Singwald during a summer sports exchange and formed a band after the Berlin Wall came down.

Frahm engineered the gamble, which was put together from four-track tapes created over the course of a decade. They even drew on some of those early recordings from their childhood during a process that involved improvising, choosing the best sections and overdubbing. Fellow electroacoustic artist Andrea Belfi helped out during the overdubbing phase, and random elements like tape glitches played a large part in shaping the result.

The band haven't shared any music from the album just yet, but the tracklist below and that's the album cover above.

the gamble:

1. the invention mother
2. saddest continent on earth
3. ceramic people
4. animal farm
5. this beautiful mess
6. capstan
7. chasing god through palmyra
8. pink flirt
9. re: turn!