nonkeen "chasing god through palmyra" (video)

nonkeen 'chasing god through palmyra' (video)
German pianist Nils Frahm recently announced plans to kick off 2016 with his new project nonkeen. The group are set to release their debut album the gamble, and they've finally given us a taste with the video for "chasing god through palmyra."

The eight-minute clip pairs real-life train and car footage with impressive shots of a massive model train. It's a unique juxtaposition, and it works well with the band's forward-thinking musical composition.

In a press release, the group's Sebastian Singwald offered the following statement about the video:

The video for "chasing god through palmyra" was drafted, filmed and edited by FELD in close collaboration with nonkeen and the mectub railway club Berlin. It portrays the close friendship between a man and a machine bonded by their escape fantasies athey circle together on an endless loop along the tracks of life inside a repetitive and psychedelic world.

Watch the video for "chasing god through palmyra" below. R&S Records will release the gamble on February 5.