Nikka Costa Everybody Got Their Something

Nikka Costa can best be thought of as the lovechild of Prince and Lenny Kravitz, however implausible that might be. She lives in that area between rock and funk that both of those gentlemen have traversed over the years. Everybody Got Their Something has the feel of a late '80s Prince album: plenty of up-tempo moments, a few tender ballads and some quirkier material that fills in all the appropriate gaps. The songs have a tendency to turn into guitar workouts towards the end, meaning that anything in excess of four minutes could be ignored without anyone suffering. However, both "So Have I For You" and "Push And Pull," two of the longer songs, don't overstay their welcome. While Everybody Got Their Something doesn't have much that could be called startlingly original, it isn't too hard to imagine her getting her 15 minutes in the spotlight - the added exposure of being on the soundtrack to the movie Blow will probably help too. And there's enough raw talent that we shouldn't feel too bad when she does. (Virgin)