Nightmares On Wax

Sound of N.O.W.

BY Del F. CowiePublished May 1, 2000

Continuing from where last year's fine Carboot Soul left off, George Evelyn, aka Ease, brings more supple downtempo beats on this six-song EP, featuring a batch of new and remixed old material. De La Soul appears on two versions of "Keep On," shouting out various geographic regions to humorous effect. The beats on this track and the others on this EP, with the exception of Carboot Soul's "Morse" appearing here in its original form, are not quite as inviting as the nocturnal chill-out vibe on Nightmares On Wax's full-length releases, due to the involvement of other remixers. Alex Gopher does an excellent job on "Finer," reworking it into a crisp minimalist track emphasising Sara Winton's phoned-in vocals. This EP will probably hold more appeal for those already accustomed to the Nightmares On Wax, while newbies might be better advised to check out the albums for a more accurate feel.
(Matador Records)

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