Nightmare Genetic Disorder

Nightmare are a French power metal outfit who had some moderate success in Europe in the late ’80s. They reformed several years ago after an 11-year absence, and have just released their fourth post-reformation platter with Genetic Disorder. For anyone unfamiliar with their sound, it’s an interesting mix of ’80s bombast, with the pace and brutality of some of the more contemporary speed metal artists that get play on Headbanger’s Ball. Try to imagine power metal-esque vocals layered over the fury of some of the more recent Arch Enemy albums. Fans of Swedish band Evergrey will probably enjoy Nightmare, as both bands are equally thrash- and pose-worthy. The quality of sound on Genetic Disorder is top-notch. This comes as no surprise, as Nightmare have enlisted Fredrik Nordstrom (At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth and basically every other popular European metal act) to sit behind the knobs. The result is a disc that not only showcases a very tight group of musicians that still appear to have some quality songwriting left in them but can also release material that’s still relevant and listenable in today’s metal scene. (Regain)